Chakola International (CIL) distributes Solar Systems, PV Modules and Wind Turbines that can power residential and commercial buildings using the abundant energy of the sun. We feel that in order for everyone to take advantage of these systems they must be affordable and efficient. We focus on providing Solar Systems that will have the potential to power small homes in rural areas to large commercial buildings.


Renewable energy, such as solar and wind, will become an important resource as the price of oil and greenhouse gases continue to increase. Countries such as the US, India, China, and others throughout the Middle East will benefit substantially from renewable energies that are abundant and sustainable. Chakola International will become an important part of this transition to a world less dependent on fossil fuels and more dependent on clean energies such as solar and wind power.




Chakola International has tied up with the biggest solar suppliers in the world to bring you the best in quality at a very affordable price. We are the leaders in alternate energy solutions by providing you the most efficient cost per wattage. We have designed and supplied solar systems throughout the Middle East. Our solar systems include cathodic protection for oil companies, schools, government buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, traffic lights, street lights etc. Please contact us for all your residential and commercial solar needs. We can provide you all solar components including System Design, PV panels, kits, inverters, batteries, charge controllers, enclosures etc. from all the leading brands around the world.


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